DSC00645Marilise’s life philosophy is centred on the 6 High-Performance Habits she teaches her clients, with these she helps Cybersecurity Executives, become trusted business partners who are credible and taken seriously, these are individuals who operate with impact and influence.

Having successfully worked at an Executive level within the Cybersecurity space, Marilise knows first hand how challenging an environment this industry offers, she has successfully navigated very difficult conditions that have enabled her to get stronger, take back her power and rise above the circumstances she found herself in.

Not only has she started her own consulting business, but she has also gone through her own personal transformation in both mind and body.

She works with Cybersecurity Executives who are experiencing big shifts and changes in their working environment and mindset that are driving them to “take action now” to access more impact and influence to deliver in life, better in health, better in relationships, better in business, creating the Best Version of themselves.

Through her Executive Coaching Programs, Marilise equips her clients to rise above the challenging environments they work in and embrace the changes they can make to their own and their team’s habits to improve overall impact and performance at work

Marilise lives in her favourite part of the UK, Long Ditton, Surrey, with her very supportive husband, two amazing sons and her beautiful Labrador, Stella.